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a41cv is my open source HP41CV simulator. The first production version of a41cv was released in February 2011. Nearly all of the orriginal HP41CV functions are implemented:

  1. All math functions
  2. All programming functions
  3. All boolean tests

The calculator differs from the HP41CV in the following ways:

  1. No definition of number of register
  2. Programmes can not be assigned to keys
  3. Not all special flags implemented
  4. Number of programme lines only limited by phone memory
  5. Only a simple programme editor (by now) but full import / export of programmes on cvs format

If you like this app and find it useful you can support it by donating and help keeping it free and free of adds ;-)


  1. 5 September 2012 version 1.5 released on Google Market. Version (1.5) mainly fixes different problems with older versions. I have removed the old layout as it was too dependent on screen size / resolution. This has reduced the app to 1/4 of version 1.4.
      New features:
    • None
      Bug fixes:
    • Problem with rounding in INT function solved
    • Problem with stack lost when the user switch to other apps solved
  2. 24 January 2012 version 1.4 released on Google Market. version (1.4) mainly fixes different problems with older versions. First of all the app now works on Android 3+ it also allows users with tablets to use the app in landscape mode. The layout only uses half of the screen (if you have any ideas what to use this space to please let me know). I truly hope this update works better than the 1.3 update. I you however get problems please let me know. To solve new problems it is possible to collect debug information by turning on logging from the configuration. To retrieve this information you can use my other app aLogViewer.
      New features:
    • Landscape layout for tablets
      Bug fixes:
    • BCK with no program loaded no longer => FC
    • Under Android 3 app no longer FC when returning to previous screen
  3. 30 October 2011 version 1.3 released. This version includes many bug fixes and enhancements:
    • Numerical keys now works in user mode
    • CATALOG 0 and 1 now shows list of functions / list of programmes
    • CLX/A now works right in both numeric and alpha mode
    • Create new programme from programme view
    • Compact formatting of registers now in current formatting mode
    • Problem with the stack when calculating with extra enter like 2 ENTER PI / SQRT 2 * now gives the same result as 2 PI / SQRT 2 *
    • The following operation: "5 ENTER + 4 ENTER + *" now as expected gives 80 (5+5)*(4+4)
    • Still trying to make a41CV fit better on the now more than 701 different devices it works on according to Google Market
    • Font size of on, user, prgm and alpha now the same as normal buttons
    • Font size of a41cv and programme description same as labels
    • Bug fixes


Android41cv is translated into English (at least I have tried) and Danish. If you want it in your own language all you have to do is to translate this file

a41cv screen dumps:

a41cv are known to work on:

  • Archos 70 Android tablet
  • Dell Streak
  • HTC Desire
  • HTC Desire HD
  • HTC Desire z
  • HTC Dream
  • HTC Evo 3D
  • Motorola Milestone
  • Motorola Droid 2
  • Motorola Droid X under Android v 2.3.3 and 2.3.2
  • Motorola Atrix
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • SE Xperia 10 mini
If you know of more - let me know!

Any wishes for coming versions of a41cv? - drop me a mail!

You can find a on-line version of the manual for the orriginal HP41CV calculater.

Old News

  1. 26 July 2011 version 1.2.2 released on Google Market. I had hoped to eliminate a bug accruing during start-up of the programme but it has already been reported again :-( I think it has something to do with configuring of font sizes but are not quite sure. If you are experience this error try this: Setup - Applications - Manage Applications - Select a41Cv - Clear data. New in this version:
    • Long press on a key show its current definition with out executing it
    • Debugger disabled - didn't work anyway
    • Press on the display to copy content to clip board
    • LCD font experimental nearly OK but Σ and ↑ miss
    • Compact format in register display
    • Export programme bug solved
    • Default angle mode now DEG (yes this time it is)
  2. 2 July 2011 version 1.2.1 released on Google Market solving the following bugs:
    • Default angle mode changed to DEG as on HP41
    • R-P and P-R was swapped and only worked RAD mode now fixed
    • Angle mode shown on display if not in DEG mode
    • Buttons more squere
  3. 14 June 2011 version 1.2 released on Google Market News in thes version:
    • PRGM key now displays programmes
    • Import and export of programmes only worked if the catalog /mnt/scdart/a41 did exists
    • HMS and HR now working
  4. 17 May 2011 version 1.1 released. This includes the functionality from the two preceding beta versions and:
    • Correct scaling on large and small devices
    • Bug in HMS and HR fixed
    • A welcome screen telling about new features introduced in the current version
  5. 19 April 2011 - β 2 of version 1.1 has been released. This includes improvements of the 1.1β layout based on user feed back:
    • Larger, and configurable, font on the for the four buttons +, -, x, ÷
    • Display font can be changed (red or black)
    • Added some spacing between buttons
    • On, user, prgm and alpha buttons slightly larger
    • The main display and the four register displays combined into one
  6. 14 April 2011 - Have uploaded a β of version 1.1. This includes the layout of the muck up from three weeks ago. Labels and button text changes when when you hit Alpha and User keys to show current command of the key. Font sizes can be changed (main display, register display, labels and buttons). Id of buttons has been changed the HP4141 key numbers. The old layout is still available from the option menu. You can get the app here: a41cv version 1.1β
  7. 21 March 2011 - Have uploaded a mock-up of a new layout that I hope scale better for different display size. download the mock-up and tell me if it fits to your screens and what you think of it!
  8. 18 March 2011 - a41cv has now been downloaded more than 1,400 times from more than 50 countries.

a41cv is hosted by QR CodeAndroid

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