AAA - Andsens Android Applications

My Favorite Apps

My HTC Desire is at pressent 88% filled with applications (130MB) with all applications that can be moved to the SDCard moved.

What's happening on my HTC Desire?

This section I will try to keep updated with which programmes enter and leave my HTC Desire.

Comming in

Dropbox - Easy move your files to / from your phone computer.

Shush! Ringer Restorer - Turn sound back on after as long time you want.

Going out

Opera Mini - too little space on the phone for two browsers

Firefox - just too heavy for my HTC desire

Installed right now

  1. MapDroid OpenStreeMap for Android, maps with no net trafic
  2. Skype yes also on my phone
  3. Winamp for my music
  4. SL4A have only used the shell but have installed Pearl, Phyton and PHP though not used yet
  5. OI File Manager form OpenIntents
  6. File Manager from Adao Team


  1. GPS Status
  2. WIFI Analyser
  3. Dropbox
  4. Ping
  5. HTPing
  6. AndFTP
  7. Task Manager - to kill programmes
  8. TeamViewer - to help my mother with her pc problems ;-)


  1. OpenSudoku

And great stuff from Google ....

  1. Maps
  2. Google Sky Map
  3. Navigation
  4. Translate
  5. Googles
  6. Barcode Scanner


This Andsen page was last updated in November 2011